is the result of the valorization of a small part of the huge Sicilian cereal heritage.

The organic and biodynamic agricultural method of producing raw materials adopted by small farms located in Sicily and the direct involvement of some processing companies, have allowed us to build up and market a whole range of antique grain products closely linked to our territory and the millennial production history of Sicily. The genetic resources of this beautiful Mediterranean island, which we lost the memory of and were at risk of extinction, are again available thanks to a 15-year recovery work. It is a work of men and plants, earth and sun, which has enabled us to save farms and processing arts. BiancoRossoBio® is a simple networking model that has been able to make local expertise deleted from memory visible again. It is the result of territorial competences that daringly challenged the harsh laws of a market where quality of products had been sacrificed in favor of quantity. We have won the logistical difficulties of a rugged territory like ours and managed to find simple and transparent collaboration systems with some visionary farmers. It is a work done by men and women destined to grow in number thanks to the responses of a market more and more attentive to the healthiness and excellences of our land. Our history begins in a small village in the middle of our island, Raddusa i.e. the “Grain City”, where masterly knowledges in production and processing have met.



Is a variety of endangered durum wheat, typical of the center of Sicily. It represents Sicilian-Mediterranean biodi- versity and is the fruit of natural selections through several millennia . The Timilìa has a less intense gluten than “high yield” grains. The use of Timilìa therefore allows to produce low gluten-index products, that is, with less structural strength. Some studies on antique grains show a lower allergenicity for people suffering from gluten intolerances, other than celiac disease.


Durum wheat russello’s ears
have shades of red, hence the name, with a tall stem. With Russello, you typically get Iblei’s dough bread that is distinctive of the provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa. As any Sicilian ancient grains of ours, Russello has Low Gluten and Glicemic Indexes.


Is one of the most ancient variety of Sicilian tender wheat, well known since 17th century.Slim and rough plant, it matures quickly, it grasps a soft white flour from dry terrains. It’s ideal for baking cakes or unique tasting breads, with high digestibility and inimitable flavor.